Polymers in Medicine

Polim. Med.
Index Copernicus (ICV 2022) – 121.55
MEiN – 70
Average rejection rate – 39.13%
ISSN 0370-0747 (print)
ISSN 2451-2699 (online) 
Periodicity – biannual



The authors have the right to appeal against a rejection from Polim Med. An appeal is an extension of the peer review process, and the same ethical standards apply, so a request should not be submitted whilst the manuscript in question is under consideration by another publication.

To be considered, appeals must address the reason(s) for the initial rejection decision. Requests that do not address reviewers’ criticisms, dismiss the reviewer's comments or contain offensive language will not be considered. We welcome genuine appeals to editor decisions. However, the authors must provide substantial evidence or new data/information in response to the editor’s and reviewers’ comments.

If you wish to appeal a journal editor’s decision, please submit an appeal letter to the Managing Editor, [Marek Misiak, marek.misiak@umw.edu.pl OR marek.misiak@friend.pl], outlining your case for reconsideration. In this letter, you should:

  • Detail why you disagree with the decision. Please provide specific responses to any of the editor’s and/or reviewers’ comments that contributed to the rejection decision. If reviewer reports were included with the decision letter, these criticisms must be addressed in the appeal.
  • Provide any new information or data you want the journal to consider.
  • Provide evidence if a reviewer has made technical errors in assessing your manuscript.
  • Include evidence if you believe a reviewer may have a conflict of interest.

Appeals that meet the requirements above are sent to a journal’s Editorial Board member for consideration. Editors may confirm their decision to reject the manuscript, invite a revised one, or seek additional peer reviewers or statistical review of the original one.

If successful, an appeal can lead to the manuscript’s re-entering the peer review process. It may ultimately be published following any revisions deemed necessary by the Editorial Board and the peer reviewers. The authors should not submit a revised version of your manuscript until the appeal process is complete. If the appeal is rejected, then the original rejection decision is upheld, and no further consideration of that manuscript is possible.

Editors will consider one appeal per manuscript, and all decisions on appeals are final. The timely review and decision-making process for new submissions takes precedence over appeals.

Please note that we must receive an appeal within 4 weeks of the original decision – otherwise, we cannot consider it.