Polymers in Medicine

Polim. Med.
Index Copernicus (ICV 2022) – 121.55
MEiN – 70
Average rejection rate – 39.13%
ISSN 0370-0747 (print)
ISSN 2451-2699 (online) 
Periodicity – biannual


What are altmetrics?

Altmetrics, or alternative metrics, enable you to see the attention your article is receiving from non-traditional sources, including:

  • Policy documents
  • News outlets
  • Blogs
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Faculty Opinions
  • Peer Reviews
  • Videos
  • Patents
  • Q&A (Stack Overflow)
  • Reddit

You can use altmetrics as complements to citation-based metrics, and explore the conversations around your work, helping you understand the impact it is having beyond the academic world.


Altmetric in Polimery w Medycynie - Polymers in Medicine

We’ve chosen to embed Altmetric Badges on our publications to help authors track the attention their research is receiving. By tracking unique identifiers such as DOIs, Altmetric collects article-level metrics and online conversations around articles published in our journal. Online mentions that contain links to the abstract landing page are picked up and collated, and the result is the Altmetric Attention Score and Badge.

You will find the Altmetric Badge at the top of each article’s page. When you click on the Altmetric Badge, you will be directed to the Altmetric Details Page, which will show you every mention for your article across Twitter, blogs, mass media outlets, Facebook, and more. View this video for an overview of the Altmetric Details Page.


Why use Altmetric?

Altmetrics can be useful to researchers who are keen on (1) building their online presence, (2) demonstrating the broader impact of their work, and (3) communicating the story of their research to grant review committees and panels. To leverage this information, consider using Altmetric data to:

  • Identify coverage and wider dissemination of your research to use as evidence in CVs or funding applications;
  • View who is talking about your research, and identify potential new collaborators and build relationships with key influencers;
  • Monitor other research in your field and see how it has been received by a broader audience;
  • Manage your online reputation, and actively engage with comments and conversation about your work. 


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